Green Invoicing
Invoices and statements via e-mail or fax
In today’s world, timeliness of information continues to grow in importance.
We would like to improve on our timeliness in sending you invoices and monthly statements via email. It’s quick and it’s easy. No waiting for these documents to be printed and delivered by the postal service. Within minutes of being generated at our office, they are delivered directly to you via email or fax.
Our goal is to provide prompt, accurate information. Email and/or fax offer speed of delivery in addition to the ability to store this information electronically on your computer.
To register for these no cost services, please fill in the form (below), fax or email to the contact (below), or mail to us with your next payment.
Please fill in the information below and click on 'Send'
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We appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you.
Thank you for being Environmentally Responsible.
Step 1: Set up bill payment through one of the following institutions:
By Internet
  • Payee is “NEDCO”, normally found through the keywords: Company NEDCO CHOOSE YOUR PROVINCE.
  • Make sure you have the correct Nedco Division.
  • Account # is your normal NEDCO Account.
Step 2 : Pay the bill.
  • Upon receipt of our statement or invoice(s), enter the total amount for payment.
  • If everything is correct, simply pay the entire amount.
  • Once you have completed payment, fax details or statement stub of invoices you have paid to contact below
  • Please allow 3 days for online payments to reach Nedco by the due date.
Nedco West

Fax: (604) 273-5608


As of October 1st, 2012, Nedco West will be a part of the LightRecycle program in BC. What this means for you is that all lights, ballasts and fixtures including retail, industrial, commercial and institutional sales will now have an associated eco fee attached to it. These fees will help fund the LightRecycle program and ensure a greener future for everyone. For further information on the LightRecycle program please visit LightRecycle

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